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Photography Workshop

We provide free Photography workshop to our members every month (as much as possible). From Basic Photography, Landscape Photography, Street Photography and Mobile Photography and sometimes Basic Videography.

Photo Talk

We provide a monthly Photography Talk session to our group. This may tackle a specific topic or an open-forum to any topic that might pop-up.

This is a more of a get-together and meet one another. We normally go to different local restaurant as to help the local food business.

Photography Training

We as a group conduct photo shoot sessions so that we can develop and sharpen our skills in conducting client shoot for any event and also learn how to communicate with the subject to get a great photo.

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What else we provide?

Photography Exhibit

We provide a venue for all to display their works for everybody and anyone to see. This is our Annual Photo Exhibit held every 3 week of January at the SM Center Angono.

Shop Discount

We also provide some discount privileges with some of out partner shops.

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CCA Walks Marikina – Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk 2018

Last Saturday Oct. 6, 2018 the Camera Club of Angono has joined the world and hosted its 3rd Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in a row. This year we walks the street of the Show Capitals of the Philippines, Marikina City.  We have communicated with the Marikina Tousism weeks before the event and they are very […]

Why New Photographers Fail in the Business World

In this day of digital photography and the abundance of tutorials in the internet,why are a lot of new photographers failing in the real world. To clarify this new photographers do shoot amazing portraits and great images but why so they continue to fail? With the easy access education via the internet, left and right […]

CCA walks Marikina

This year the Camera Club of Angono walks Marikina for our 3rd run as a host to the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2018. In our previous run we have lead walks at Angono and Binangonan, this year we go to the shoe capital of the Philippines. A previous town of the province of Rizal, Marikina […]

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About us

The Camera Club of Angono (CCA) is a creative organization committed on building a community for photographers within the town of Angono, nearby town and cities. The Camera Club of Angono aims to promote photography as medium of art that anyone can pursue as a hobby or as a profession. We encourage PHOTOGRAPHERS OF ALL LEVELS to join and be a part of our community to help, learn and share.

We nurture our artistic growth through members activities such as Photowalks, Workshops, Weekly Online Challenges, Monthly meetings and Photo Exhibitions. We don’t take a Photograph, we make it. Capture the positive, develop and improve our next photograph.  Meet new people, make friends and share our Photography …